Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Buddha preached his First Sermon to Five Ascetic Friends

Turning the Dharma Wheel the first time at the
Deer Park, the Buddha expounds the Four
Noble Truths to convert the first five ascetic

Sath Sathiya - The seven weeks Buddha

Sath Sathiya, the seven weeks Buddha


Prince Siddahartha attains Enlightenment on
the eighth of December under the Bodhi tree
after defeating Mara

Siddhattha attending Enlightenment

Mara (Evil One) and his army failed to prevent t
he Siddhatta from attending Enlightenment and
finally also failed to capture the Golden Throne as well.

Attending to follow the Middle Path

Deciding to follow the Middle Path, the Prince
abandones ascetic life and accepts a bowl of
milk-rice offered by Gamo and Gatopma.

6 Years practicing all forms of severe austerity

Prince Siddhartha in his six years of continuous practicing all forms of severe austerity.

Prince Siddhattha's Great Renunciation in search of Truth & Peace

Cutting off his hair, shaving off his beard, the
Prince instructs Dunpa to return to the palace
with his garments, ornaments and precious

Leave the City

At dawn, Prince Siddhartha and the charioteer Channa
ride the horse Kanthaka, leave the city of
Kapilvastu, cross the Anoma river and start a
homeless life.

Looks at his Wife and Son before Leaving the Palace.

Prince Siddhartha looks at his wife and son
before leaving the palace.

Prince Siddhartha Realizes the True Circle of Life

In his outings through the four gates of the city,
Prince Siddhartha realizes the true circle of life:
birth, old age, illness and death.