Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leave the City

At dawn, Prince Siddhartha and the charioteer Channa
ride the horse Kanthaka, leave the city of
Kapilvastu, cross the Anoma river and start a
homeless life.

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  1. And with these words he went forth on his horse, accompanied by his charioteer, Chandaka. But how did he pass through all the doors and gates heavily guarded? Again, it was the moment when supernatural assistance interfered and helped him.thirty-three gods descended from the sky and put all of Kapilavastu's inhabitants into such a profound sleep that no sound whatsoever would awaken them. And to be even safer they held the horse's hoofs in their hands to soften their pounding on the ground and helped him jump over the wall of the palace. According to traditional reckoning he was then twenty-nine years old and this was the beginning of a six-year quest for awakening.